Näytetään blogitekstit, joiden ajankohta on syyskuu, 2012.

Tracon tracon!

Tracon was this weekend. I have sooo much fun and I saw my friends ~ Now I'm so tired I don't write a lot to this blog. But on Saturday I cosplayed from Kuroshitsuji II with my friend. I cosplayed Alois and my friend Hannah. We didn't take any photos of those cosplays,maybe some day I but some picture if I find it from someone. : D On Sunday I cosplayed Otoya Ittoki from Uta no prince-sama. (Debut version) I was so amazed people took pictures of my cosplay. But someone knew I cosplayed Ittoki's debut version TuT Well maybe utapri is not so popular in Finland? Well I'm not sure but yeah. I have so much fun! And thanks for all who was there! :3 I was little lazy take pictures : / Here is some picture. I have only some random hotel picture of my Alois cosplay xD

Ittoki cosplay!

Finally it's done! Aahahah....I really hate sew that jacket. (sometimes I like..when it was easy.) It's little fail/derp,but that is actually my first jacket what I sewed. The result is good,however, it would have been better to sew...but for my sewing skills it's good. : D Here is some pictures.. (haha,my messy room.... xD )