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Kagerou Project and Shin photos ~

I decided to do own post to Kagepro and Shin photos ~  First kagepro photos. Thanks for our lovely photographer who took pictures for our group.  All  kagerou project photos are taken by Eeva-Stiina Niemi. I love all Kano's selfie photos xD  Setomary photos <3 I'm really happy we took setomary photos,because my fav otp from Kagepro *ahem* sorry fangirling.  more photos you can see from  here . And then Shin amnesia world photos. I wasn't very happy about my shin cosplay. It was a little fail and the jacket wasn't quit ready. *sob* But anyways here is couple photo. All photos are taken by  Papui .

Desudesuuuu ~

Because I need 1 week before I can write about con stuff,okay now. I have been a little lazy write blog and I've been sew my cosplays (Loki and Mistral). Somehow last Sunday I had huge passion continue my cosplays.  But anygays now desucon!  Friday:  "first time wearing lolita dress at con" First I had to put my rin senbonzakura cosplay,but on Friday was pretty hot and enthusiasm to wear rin's cosplay. So finally I decided put lolita dress.  Papui  was waiting me at bus station and after I went to there we started to walk to the con place. We waited our other friends about 2 hours,because Papui got her desucon ticket from them. On friday didn't happen anything special,we just hung out.   Saturday: Our kagerou project group,my babyyyys! So yeah on saturday I had kagepro group. I was pretty excited about this group and finally I cosplayed Mary babyy ;3:  Papui cosplayed Hinata from Haikyuu! and Yumi cosplayed Midorima from kurobasu.

I thought that everything goes as planned.

No my desucon plans didn't go like I wanted. Because Nagisa and Loki wigs have not arrived yet  I don't start stress of that wigs have not arrived. So I changed my cosplay plans to desucon. I'm little sad because I was really looking forward cosplay Nagisa and Loki,but maybe next time then. Maybe I go photoshoot those costumes after desucon. But yeah now my plans are those.... Friday Kagamine Rin Saturday Mary Sunday Shin + here is new wip photo from Mary cosplay ~