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Did you hear me when I walked?

Huuuuu,for a long time I write something here. I don't know why is always so hard start write anything here. Ideas where are you?! Anygays last weekend was Cosvision,me and Papui  went to there. We woke up pretty early,because our bus left at 06:45. Whole bus trip was derp,sleeping and more derp. (we were actually pretty sleepy haha.) After we arrived to the bus station we begin look con place. On Saturday we cosplayed Tachibana Makoto and Nanase Haruka's sailor versions from Free!. Not sure what I should tell about Saturday. Hmmm,we went to get autograph from  Kairi , Kaname and Miya. It was really nice see those guys! ;u: After autograph we looked around con place. Of course we had a little photoshoot,we also took pictures of our friends Kyoukai no kanata group. (they were so cute whii ~ >w< )  And because photos are always so nice...here you go ~                                 This is one my fav photo of my makoto cosplay. I watched when