Näytetään blogitekstit, joiden ajankohta on joulukuu, 2012.

Photoshooting etc.

Oh new followers ~ (feel awesome >D,okay *ahum*..) but asdfg really thanks for you all guys who read my blog.  You're bothered to read my blog and I hope you understand my bad English. But I try my best with my english.  ^^' And thanks course for all visitors ~ But anygays! Last weekend I had little photoshooting with my friend. We take some picture of my Ren and Rin cosplay. Well it was little dark when we took pictures of Ren cosplay. And well those weren't pretty good. But at least I got some pictures of that cosplay. I wanted to take new pictures of my Meltdown cosplay and I got them yay ~  Outside was little cold when we go to take them (about -16 ) But little cold didn't stop us! I really want start some next year cosplays,but fufufu I don't have time/money ( T ^ T ) However, then I can't decide which to start,derp. I also have planed to do Rin's Senbonzakura version to next year. But I don't do it to con. It just only plan.. ~ But yeah h


Hohoho,Hi everyone ~ and here is some christmas photos what I take yesterday ~ :'3  But anygays I finally decided what I'm going to cosplay in Tracon. Because I've wanted to do K cosplay to next year. And now I'm going to do it! Muahaha >D *ahem*  So I wanted to cosplay Fushimi. I started to think about what I have already for Fushimi cosplay. Well I have glasses and shoes which apply to Fushimi cosplay. Okay it would be a good start for Fushimi cosplay. So now I'm going to do Fushimi. I just need to think, how do I make the jacket and the sword.