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Sitori WIP 1

Hi everyone! It's been while when I last time wrote something to here(?) But anyway,my school started last week and I really hate it. We have new teacher and a lot new stuff....My love for school is not anything beautiful..   Me when I have to go school... Now cosplay stuff! I started do my Sitori cosplay last week (if I don't remember wrong). I have started pants,but then white fabric ended...fuuu. Well someday I go buy more white fabric hehe. I start sew vest and hand thinks for Sitori. And they look like this:  Now I start do jacket. I have sewed the lining fabric pieces together. Put a white ribbons to front pieces. And next I need sew those ribbons etc. This week I also get my Sitori wig,need style it a little bit.  Look a little derp