Näytetään blogitekstit, joiden ajankohta on lokakuu, 2012.

Photoshooting ~

I was with my friend photoshooting this weekend. Gaitsu cosplayed Gakupo's sandplay and Janika cosplayed Fem prussia  and me Luka's sandplay wuhuu ~ We were in the church photoshooting. (grannies looked at us a little bit.. xD ) Before we went to the church I was so ninja and I fell on my back in our stairs. Gaitsu and Janika scared when I lay on stairs. (actually I start laught xD ) We arrived at the church and there was little could. We have fun and course get good pictures ~ :3

Time start new cosplay!

Today I was buying fabrics. First I had to buy fabrics to Kazama cosplay,but because my mom I didn't. So I bought fabrics for Len cosplay. Maybe tomorrow I start do that costume ~ :3